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Please consult our medical panel regarding any question relating to our products. These are AntaGolin, RyChol, NeuroVance & RheumaLin

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What can I use to relieve my lower back pain without harming my stomach?

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Keep dieting tasty

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, bland, and unenjoyable. When on a diet people often find that their enjoyment of food diminishes and they don’t derive the same pleasure from meals. Dieting d- (Read more).

Why are we getting so fat? Spending mega-millions in search of the ultimate-answer.

Scientists observe man held “captive” in a tiny airtight room whilst feeding him through a vacuum-sealed porthole. The man’s body is regularly weighed, probed for blood samples and his waste products - (Read more).

Medical myth - Cancer is NOT a "man-made", "modern" disease

Contrary to popular belief, cancer is NOT a modern, man-made disease. It has existed for as long as what we as humans have and was described by Egyptian and Greek physicians thousands of years ago. Re- (Read more).

To “statin” or not? Alternative choices explored.

By blocking the key cholesterol producing enzyme in the body, the statins have made a massive contribution to medicine. However, many original perceptions regarding their risk versus reward benefit ar- (Read more).
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