The Medical Nutritional Institute is a pharmaceutical and healthcare organisation. We specialise in the prevention and treatment of disease by developing new pharmaceutical products and delivering healthcare, CPD & pharmacy training services.  Our products help combat insulin resistance, excess body fat, high cholesterol, inflammatory pain, arthritis, mental exhaustion and stress.  These are AntaGolin®, RyChol®, NeuroVance® & RheumaLin®.

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AntaGolin - Combats Insulin resistance

Independent research has shown that the individual plant-derived ingredients contained within this unique blend may help to alleviate insulin resistance by targeting multiple biological pathways.



"I started using AntaGolin to help with my Insulin resistance, not thinking that it would help with weight loss, however, after I used it for about 4 months I started noticing that my clothes were sitting much looser than they did, and fast forward to present day, and I am glad to say that I have Lost 20kg's thanks to AntaGolin"

J Naude


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Free Lipogram Tests

Visit any DisChem clinic between 16 September & 9 October for your free Lipogram screening.

MNI is supporting The Heart & stroke foundation by donating R5.00 for every RyChol sold. Ask the clinic sister for more information on discount offered.

Loyalty programme

Our regular clientele can enjoy the benefits of free products by joining the MNI loyalty programme. To qualify for a free MNI product, purchase 5 of the same product and send all the till slips to us. ... Read more

Healthcare Professionals

We recognise that primary healthcare providers are in an ideal position to improve the health of their patients and the modern South African pharmacy is playing an increasingly active and important role in providing front-line healthcare services to our communities. ... Read more

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