MNI Exercise Programme

Long hours behind the computer? Beware of painful neck spasms and tension type headaches!
  • Alleviate tension type headache and neck stiffness whilst at work.
    Top 5 stretches
  • Strengthen and rehabilitate your neck behind your desk.
    Top 3 exercises

Experiencing regular bouts of backache when sitting too long? Protect yourself against progressive spinal degeneration!
  • Increase spinal flexibility and alleviate muscle spasm with five simple stretches. Top 5 stretches
  • Strengthen your core muscles and improve blood and lymphatic flow to your back at the office. Top 5 exercises

Is chronic back and neck pain wearing you down? Time to strengthen and rehabilitate your spine!

Tired of excess body fat, chronic fatigue and low fitness levels? Change your life with our 30-minute a day, home workout routine!


These have been formulated to combat different components of the syndrome. They can be used individually or in combination with each other. They can also be combined with most prescription medications.

  • AntaGolin – optimises blood sugar metabolism and combats insulin resistance, arguably the main contributors of MetS. Read more.
  • RyChol – optimises healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, common components of MetS. Read more.
  • NeuroVance – optimises brain function and combats stress. Read more.
  • RheumaLin – combats inflammatory back, neck and joint pain, symptoms commonly linked with excess body fat. Read more.
  • ImmunoVance – optimise your families immune system and combat colds and flu. Read more.

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