Maureen’s 12 week Weight-loss Challenge

Weight-loss is hard!

Despite being told countless times to “just eat less and exercise more”, few people achieve and/or maintain weight loss by following this advice. In fact, many people view their repeated attempts at weight loss as personal failures, become despondent and eventually they stop trying.

What few people realise is that excess weight frequently causes a disease known as insulin resistance.  So while the initial contributor may have been a surplus of calories, insulin resistance then in itself causes a further increase in weight. (Read more about insulin resistance here) Only by addressing insulin resistance, can the excess weight be addressed.

Maureen is one of the many people who have joined a wide variety of weight loss programmes and spent vast sums on weight loss products that have promised amazing results, only to be disappointed with the end results. She has, however, not given up on her goal: to achieve a normal body weight, improve her fitness levels and live a healthier life.

Join Maureen as she implements a weight loss programme that focuses on strategies that are designed to improve her results while minimizing the effort associated with weight loss: better strategy – less effort.

Who is Maureen?

“I’m a makeup artist, image specialist, business owner, creative and curious by nature and always on the move. My work and schedule have me travelling far and wide, sometimes at the drop of a hat, and sometimes weeks in advance. I love the fact that there is no routine to my days, but this also comes with its own challenges. Part and parcel to a successful and healthy diet goes into planning your meals, and often, especially when you don’t always have the know-how, you’ll eat something that is not ideal.”

Share her experiences, successes and challenges during this exciting chapter in her life…

Good News!

As Maureen has said, weight loss is not just about grams and kilograms: It’s also about feeling good about yourself. Seeing a difference in the way clothes fit is always exciting, a sure sign she is making progress. To date, Maureen has lost 7cm’s around her waist with a total loss of 19.5cm’s: Well done!

Week 4

Maureen’s experience:

“Trial and error is something every dieter should make peace with. This week I discovered that my weight-loss is directly linked to my stress levels and that I must control my stress levels better. Therefore, this week I will be taking NeuroVance in conjunction with AntaGolin to see how the combination will positively affect my progress.

Mind and body is so closely linked and it’s vital to give each one the undivided attention they require.”

MNI’s advice:

  1. Weight-loss is hard, week 4 is always the most difficult week to stay focussed and motivated. You have managed to stay on the weight-loss journey this long. So this week reward yourself, not with food but rather with something that you enjoy doing. You deserve it! You have learned a lot.
  2. Remember to keep taking AntaGolin: take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals.
  3. Remember to take 2 tablets NeuroVance with breakfast every day to help you manage your stress levels.

Week 3

Maureen’s experience:

“Dieting (or let’s rather say – Eating correctly) is so much more than just following a prescribed eating plan. I have an inquisitive mind, so for me it’s more about educating myself than just blindly following something. As I’ve always (more than 25 years) struggled with my weight I read a lot about nutrition and how to eat. Since I’ve started using the AntaGolin my education process continues, in so many positive ways.

In the past I have been brainwashed to believe bread makes you fat, so I’ve always avoided it. What a nice surprise to find I can lose weight and eat my slice of low GI bread with breakfast!”

MNI’s advice:

    1. When it comes to bread, never cut out carbohydrates completely as cutting out carbohydrates is not a sustainable solution to weight loss. You need carbohydrates for energy. Rather stick to the allocated portion sizes, but remember to keep monitoring your progress, some people are more sensitive to carbohydrates than others.
    2. Planning is key: Use the shopping list at the back of the Insulin-friendly meal plan to make things easier and to see what other foods you can incorporate to keep your meals interesting.
    3. Keep taking your AntaGolin: take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals

Week 2

Maureen’s experience:

“My work takes me to interesting places and I meet very interesting people. This week I was invited to an area called Riebeek Valley, 40 minutes’ drive from Cape Town where we are doing a makeover shoot for the local women in town.

The first couple of days away I stayed with my brother and his wife. There it was easy to stick to MNI’s meal plan as they have very healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

However, it is sometimes more complicated while traveling… I’m faced with temptations throughout the day, meals are irregular and unhealthy.

It is rather challenging as I am dependant on the food that is catered to me (one doesn’t want to have ‘food demands’), but I am trying to kept to my portion sizes and the allocated food groups.

Usually after a trip like this I gain more weight where this time round I only gained 300 grams. AntaGolin really helped me with damage control.”

MNI’s advice:

  1. There are a number of strategies you can use while traveling:
  2. While travelling it may not be possible to follow the meal plan exactly: make the best choices possible, and make sure your portion sizes are correct.
  3. If you have something not on the meal plan, e.g. wine, take 2 extra AntaGolin. Try make a spritzer (soda water and white wine and add lots of ice)
  4. Drink lots of water: 6-8 glasses a day
  5. Remember your AntaGolin: take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals.
  6. Remember to take 2 tablets NeuroVance with breakfast every day: it will help you stay focused and meet those challenges head-on.

Week 1

Maureen’s experience:

“It took me a day or two to familiarise myself with the eating challenge and I also had to finish the food in my fridge, but with the help of MNI I could incorporate some of the things into my new meal plan.

I generally felt good, I only felt hungry on one day. The rest of the time I felt satisfied as surprisingly it was a lot of food and to think that I can eat this much and still lose weight was a wonderful motivator.

I used to snack in between meals as I was always hungry. With this meal plan I never even thought about snacking once. If my stomach is full I’m satisfied.”

MNI’s advice:

  1. There are a number of simple and effective strategies to use to optimise your weight loss:
  2. Planning is a vital strategy for success: take the time to read through the insulin-friendly meal plan carefully (Download the Insulin-friendly meal plan here).
  3. Use the shopping list: This ensures that you have the necessary ingredients.
  4. Use the correct portion sizes: this will ensure you don’t get hungry between meals
  5. Remember your AntaGolin: take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals. This is an essential strategy to managing the insulin resistance