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  • What is SkinVance + Zinc™?

    SkinVance + Zinc™ is a product uniquely designed to assist in optimising skin health by combatting the effects of insulin resistance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and hormonal change and imbalance on the skin. These include hormonal acne, skin hyperpigmentation and excess hair.

  • What is the dosage for SkinVance + Zinc™?

    Take 1 SkinVance tablet + 1 Zinc capsule per day with meals. You can break or chew the tablets if you need.

  • What are the side effects of SkinVance + Zinc™?

    The ingredients contained in SkinVance + Zinc™ generally have low side-effect profiles even when used for extended periods. Side-effects are unlikely to be experienced at the dosages provided by SkinVance + Zinc™. For large doses of the individual ingredients, side-effects are mostly of a gastrointestinal nature, including abdominal discomfort or nausea.  To reduce the chance of side effects, it is recommended that SkinVance + Zinc™ is taken with meals.

  • Where can I buy SkinVance + Zinc™?

    • Shop Online
    • South Africa: At any pharmacy. No prescription is required.
    • Namibia: At any pharmacy. No prescription is required.
    • International: Email us at for international purchasing information.

  • Will my medical aid pay for SkinVance + Zinc™?

    SkinVance + Zinc™ has a NAPPI code, which means that most medical aids will pay for it, as long as you have a medical aid savings option with available savings.

  • What is hormonal acne?

    Most of the acne we are familiar with is hormonal acne, also known as acne vulgaris. Most simply, it is acne that develops due to hormonal changes and imbalance, usually as a result of there being too much male hormone, or testosterone. Testosterone increases how much oil the skin secretes, which can lead to clogged pores. These can then be colonised by a bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, irritating the skin cells and leading to inflammation.

    Hormonal acne is most common in teenage years when our bodies are undergoing many changes, but can arise at any time in your life.

  • Should I take SkinVance + Zinc™ every day or only when I have an acne breakout?

    Hormonal acne is caused by metabolic and hormonal changes, so while it might only become obvious during a breakout, its underlying causes are likely ticking away in the background. In order to get the best results for SkinVance + Zinc™, therefore, it is suggested that you take it every day for a period, either chronically, or at least until you notice the severity and frequency of your breakouts has been drastically reduced.

  • How are abnormal hair growth or loss, insulin and my hormones linked?

    Insulin and hormone balance are tightly connected. When insulin becomes too high, it is able to suppress the action of female hormones, and enhance that of male hormones. At the same time, male hormones, like testosterone, are able to cause insulin resistance. What this leads to is a snowball effect where hormones become more imbalanced and insulin resistance increases.

    Male hormones are also responsible for causing higher amounts of hair growth, especially on the face. Surprisingly, they are also linked to hair loss on the scalp – otherwise known as male pattern baldness. Higher testosterone caused by insulin resistance can therefore cause excess hair in some areas and unwanted hair loss in others.


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