The immune system is a complex biological system, consisting of many different types of cells, tissues, and organs, each with their own specific function. The immune system’s major functions are to recognise and neutralize harmful substances and infective organisms (like bacteria, viruses, and parasites), heal damaged tissue and remove cells of our own body that are not functioning correctly, such as cancer cells.

The immune system gets stronger as we approach adulthood, but again, gets weaker in old age. This is why children and the elderly are more susceptible to illness. Here are some ways you can strengthen your immune system with exercise.

Immune support for adults

Regular exercise is important to maintaining health and the immune system. Despite this, excessive amounts of exercise can negatively affect immunity.
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Immune support for children

Children will naturally get sick and it is impossible to completely protect them from invading organisms. It is possible, however, to prevent them from getting sick as often, and to speed up recovery.
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