AntaGolin Testimonials

  • In my first 6 weeks of using it, I lost 5.1 kg. I did try and eat healthier with it as well. I have now in total lost 9.7 kg. Slowly but surely especially around my belly. I must add, I follow a healthier eating plan and my Dr also recommended it for weight loss because I am Insulin Resistant.


  • Great online experience with MNI Lifestyle. AntaGolin worked better than expected.


  • My 13 year old nephew is obese and we have been struggling to get him something that will help him lose weight. After 4 months of him being on Antagolin, I can confidently say that this product works!


  • I occasionally suggest Antagolin to my patients struggling with obesity, metabolic syndrome and/or insulin resistance as part of their treatment regimen. The majority of them have responded extremely well with most of them shedding off the bulk of their excess central weight within 6-18 months. Antagolin is definitely a product I would encourage my peers to recommend to their struggling patients.


  • I have started using AntaGolin to shed some of the weight gained over the winter period and I can say that AntaGolin is a great product. It has helped me by reducing my cravings.


  • I have been struggling to shed some weight and finally I have found a product that has been able to help me with my weight loss journey.


  • My belly smaller and smaller. I can now dress up and feel confident!


  • I am insulin resistant, as a result I have irregular cycles. My last cycle was last year in April. I started taking Antagolin at the end of January and in March I had my first natural cycle in a year. I know it was the Antagolin, additionally I have also lost some weight!


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